Terms For Consumers

Return, Cancellation and Refund

*Important: Consumers must report any issues or complaints within 7 working days upon receiving the delivery. Otherwise, no refunds or returns are allowed after the 7th working day.

Please demonstrate proof of purchase such as reference slip when requesting for refunds.

The buyer will have a choice to:

a) Get a refund, cancel the order and return the incorrectly delivered products.

b) Continue with the order and we will ship you a new product. Also return the incorrectly delivered products.

The buyer will have a choice to:

a) Get a refund, cancel the order and return the defective/incomplete product.

b) Continue with the order and we will ship you a new product. Also return the defective/incomplete products.

Consumers must report any delivery error or complaints within 7 after the products are received. Otherwise, no refunds or returns are allowed after the 7th day.

If responsibility cannot be attributable to the carrier, the buyer will be issued a refund and the package will be returned to your local address. If the product arrived damaged due to the carrier did not handle the package properly, the buyer will be issued a refund and the order will be paid.

Consumers must report any delivery error or complaints within 7 after the products are received. Otherwise, no refunds or returns are allowed after the 7th day.

The buyer will be issued a refund, the order will not be paid and the package will be returned to your local address.

The buyer will be issued a refund, the order will not be paid and the package will be destructed.

If the buyer is responsible for the product was retained in Customs, the order will be paid. If the product was retained in Customs because it has import restrictions, the buyer will be issued a refund and the order will not be paid.

The buyer will be issued a refund and the order will be paid.

Credits in E-Wallet cannot be refunded or withdrawn.

1. Ask for the return of the product

To return a product, find the option “Return or Refund” that appears in the menu of the purchase you no longer want and follow the steps. We will give you a free return label or code to send the product back. Depending on the information we have about the return, sometimes we will ask you to talk to the seller before you get the label or code.


You will also need to talk to the seller if you agreed to delivery with them when you bought. You can do this through the courier service or by initiating a claim from the purchase, if you cannot agree. Please note that in those cases we will not give you a return label or code but we will help you to send your purchase back.


2. Prepare the package for shipping

  • Before preparing the package, check that the product is in the same condition as you received it, unused and with all its accessories and labels.
  • Keep the product in its original packaging or in an alternative one if you do not have it.
  • Pack the product. If it is fragile, use safe packaging to protect it.
  • Print the label and stick it or write the return code on the package.
  • Deliver the package to the post office.
  • If you bought more than one unit of the same product, you must return all items to get your money back.


3. Get your money back

We will make the refund within 3 weeks after the product arrives, once we check if it complies with the return policies. However, sometimes we can make the refund as soon as you deliver the product, so that you have the money faster.


Once we make the refund, you will be able to see all the details about the amount, place and day of credit of the money from the state of your purchase.


For more information you can check the accreditation times of each payment method.


How long do I have to send the product?

The label or code we give you is valid for 7 days. If for any reason you cannot deliver the package to the post office during this time, you can ask us for another label or code. To do so, you will have to start the return with the option “Return or refund”.


What happens if I regret returning?

If you wish, you can cancel the return. And if you want to return the product later, you can start over, as long as the 7 days since you received the product have not passed.

Products can be returned free of charge, no matter what the reason.

There are only a few specific products that are not returnable. In that case, you can agree on a solution with the seller by initiating a claim if you need to.


What are the requirements for returning a product?

Coverage time

State of the product

You have 7 straight days to report complaints and shall return the products immediately since it arrived.

If you regretted buying the product or it is different from what you ordered:


– It must be free of misuse marks and just as you received it.


– It must have its accessories, manuals and labels.


If the product has a problem or is incomplete:


– When you return it and we check it, it must be in the same condition as you described when you made your claim.

When do I get my money back?

  • We will make the refund within 3 weeks after the product arrives, once we check if it complies with the return policy. However, sometimes we can make the refund as soon as you deliver the product, so that you have the money faster.
  • Once we make the refund, you will see all the details about the amount, place and day of credit of the money from the state of your purchase.
  • For more information, you can check the credit terms of each payment method.


Where will I be reimbursed?

We refund the money in the same payment method you used to buy.

You can return all the products you buy on Compralocas except those in the following categories:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Animals and Pets
  • Baby Food
  • Earrings (jewelry)
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Tickets for events
  • Hygiene and baby care
  • Properties
  • Plants
  • Products for Adults
  • Underwear and sleepwear
  • Health and medical equipment
  • Services
  • Sports Supplements
  • Swimwear
  • Vehicles
  • To make a cancellation, look for the “Cancel Purchase” option.
  • In the menu of the purchase you no longer want to receive, choose the option “Cancel purchase” and follow the steps that we will detail.
  • There is a charge for refund if the transaction involves any use of third party payment system such as Paypal. That being said, we will do our to meet your request.
  • If you do not have the option “Cancel purchase” available, you must choose send us an email at [email protected] and discuss your situation with us. At that time we will ask you to write a message to open a claim and you can start the cancellation process.
  • If the package was not shipped, we will cancel your purchase and refund the total amount minus any charges related to using payment system.
  • If the package has already been shipped, you can refuse the purchase when it arrives or not pick it up from the mail.
  • If you have already received your purchase, you can check how to make a free return.
  • The mail will return the package to the seller and we will tell you the date when you will receive a full refund.
  • The time of accreditation of your money depends on the time of accreditation of each means of payment.

  • A seller can cancel a purchase for running out of stock, regretting the sale, having problems with the mail, among others.
  • Whatever the reason, you will receive a full refund.
  • The time it takes for the refund to be credited depends on the crediting times of each payment method.
  • Whenever you buy using E-Wallet, you will be protected by our Platform.
  • As we want to avoid this type of behavior, each cancellation affects the reputation of the seller and can lead to the suspension or even disqualification of their selling account.
  • After the cancellation of the purchase, the time it takes for the refund to be credited depends on the payment method where you receive the money.
  • Generally, we make refunds to the same payment method you used to purchase.
  • However, sometimes we offer the refund using other payment methods instead of the original payment method if you pay by credit or debit card, so you receive the money immediately and don’t have to wait.

Policies on Specific Items

  • Grocery items (including Compralocas Fresh and Prime Pantry items) and wine are not returnable to Compralocas but may be refunded or replaced.


  • If you’ve purchased a defective automotive item, shipped from and sold by Compralocas.com, that is covered by a published manufacturer warranty, Compralocas honors the warranty. Compralocas will either replace the item or refund the cost of the item for the life of the published warranty.
  • Baby items can be returned within 90 days of receipt of shipment.
  • Gifts purchased from a Baby Registry can be returned within 365 days after receipt of shipment.
  • Breast pumps must be returned unused in their original condition with the factory seal and packaging intact.
  • If your return is not a result of an Compralocas error, we won’t refund the original shipping fees.

You can return clothing and accessories up to 30 days after the delivery date.

  • New desktop, laptops, or tablets (excluding Kindle E-readers and Fires) purchased from Compralocas.com that didn’t start when they arrived, arrived in damaged condition, or is still in an unopened box can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
  • Compralocas.com may test computers that are returned because they didn’t start when they arrived and impose a customer fee equal to 15 percent of the product sales price if the customer misrepresents the condition of the product.
  • Any returned desktop, laptop or tablet that is damaged through customer misuse, is missing parts, or is in unsellable condition due to customer tampering may result in the customer being charged a higher restocking fee based on the condition of the product.
  • New, used, and refurbished products purchased from Marketplace vendors are subject to the returns policy of the individual vendor.

Note: Before returning items on which you’ve saved personal information, such as laptops, cameras, or other electronic devices, erase this information completely.

Returns on custom, handmade products that have had different customization options, including any configurations, inscriptions, or designs (such as engravings, stamps, monograms, embroidery, embossing, etching or carving) are as follows:        

  • Notify the third-party seller within 14 days of receipt.
  • Due to personal configuration, inscription, or design on these products, the third-party seller is not required to accept returns or exchanges unless the products are damaged or defective upon arrival.
  • If there is a misspelling or error in the configuration, inscription, or design due to a mistake by the third-party seller, you are protected per the Compralocas A-to-z Guarantee.
  • All product packaging (such as boxes) and if applicable; certificates of authenticity, grading, and appraisal must be returned with the item. Products missing all their applicable tags are not acceptable for return.
  • Hazardous materials, including flammable liquids or gases are not returnable to Compralocas.
  • Contact the manufacturer directly for service, warranty, return, and refund information.
  • Jewelry and watch items with a value of $35 or more must be returned using a trackable shipping method.
  • All product packaging (boxes, manuals, warranty cards, etc.) and certificates of authenticity, grading, and appraisal must be returned with the item.
  • Any items returned without original documentation will be rejected.
  • Items that have been resized, damaged, or otherwise altered after delivery won’t be accepted for return.
  • Returns for televisions shipped without Enhanced Delivery should be in new and unopened condition.

Please download our list of restricted items for more information.

Seller Reviews and Questions

Once you have your product, you can leave a comment with photos about the sellers on their product pages and your backend control panel.

Unfortunately, the seller may have blocked you. To be sure, check with other publications to see if you’re managing to ask questions. If you are and the seller doesn’t accept questions, you may still be able to buy a similar product from another seller.


If you think your account has been suspended, contact us.


There are usually 3 options:

a) Pickup at store
b) Regular shipping to your door
c) Express shipping


The following options are available:

a) *Bank Transfer: You can transfer the payment directly from your bank account to ours by using the bank information we provide to you upon checkout.

b)*Debit or Credit Card: You can choose this option upon checkout on our website.

c) *E-Wallet: Your user account comes with a wallet account. You can charge up your wallet account and pay with the balance on this wallet account. Consumers also have the option to pay cash at our affiliated store and we can charge up your account immediately.

We recommend this method for fast and seamless shopping. You can charge up this wallet either by credit/debit card, cash and bank transfer. Paying with E-wallet and your purchase will be 100% protected. We will refund your money if the product is not what you expected.


*The following rules apply:

  • There is a service charge of 10% plus 0.3USD per transaction by Compralocas.
  • The minimum purchase amount must be a minimum of $10USD.

Vendors are instructed to provide you with electronic invoices when you receive your deliveries.

Compralocas is just responsible for trade information and its own commission invoice.


If you liked a product and have doubts about the seller, we give you some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check out the seller’s reputation by checking if he or she has Compralocas’s official badges. If there is a badge, the more the better! Having badges means that he or she is a Market Leader, a seller endorsed by the amount of sales he made, the good experience he provides to his buyers and the compliance with tax regulations.
  • If you are looking for a service, we recommend that you read the opinions of the people who have already purchased from him, and if you want to buy something expensive, it is always good to call the advertiser to coordinate a visit and remove all doubts about what you want to buy.
  • Read in detail the publication. Carefully review the entire publication: pay attention to the description and the photos to be sure of the sales conditions proposed by the seller. If the product is new, make sure it has a guarantee and that you can return it if necessary.
  • Get rid of any doubts. If after reading the entire publication you still have doubts, ask the seller everything you need to know. For example: if you need the invoice of your purchase, ask him a question and make sure he sends it to you.

For more security you can use Compralocas’s recommended E-wallet, your money will be 100% protected until you receive your purchase.

Receiving the product in my house

  • Free Shipping by Market Shipping: You will see the shipping cost on each product. You get free shipping on millions of selected products starting at $449.
  • Agreement with the seller: If the publication does not have a Shipping method, you can arrange delivery directly with the seller.

Withdrawing the product at a post office

You will see the shipping cost on checkout page. You get free shipping on millions of selected products starting at $449. Once the package is at the branch, we will let you know so you can pick it up. 


Check out what you need to bring:

If you pick up the package:

  • Valid identification or passport
  • A copy of the reference slip or order

If someone of legal age picks up your delivery on behalf of you:

  • Valid identification or passport of buyer and the person withdrawing
  • Copy of the identification or passport of buyer and the person withdrawing
  • Power of attorney
  • A copy of the reference slip or order

Peace of mind in your shopping

If you pay by E-wallet, we will protect your money until you have your purchase.

When you pay, the seller can see the money in his account, but he has to wait to use it. We did it this way so you have time to receive the product and evaluate it.

In addition, you can choose to have the product delivered to you through Compralocas Shipping and your money will be protected until 7 days after the mail notifies us that you have received the product. You can count on our help!

Although it is not common, if you have any problem with the purchase, we will be there to help you.

The first thing you have to do is to initiate a complaint to your seller. It would be important that you do this as soon as possible and tell us in detail what happened, so we can follow your problem and help you solve it.

If you pay by E-Wallet and you have a problem, we will give you 100% of the money back because your purchase is always protected.

You can find free shipping on thousands of new products starting at $499, to make sure they have it look for the badge in the product detail.

Do all products from $499 have free shipping?

Most do, but in some cases you may find that instead of free shipping they have discounts. This will depend on the weight of the product you want to buy and the distance you have from the seller.


Why do I sometimes see “Free Shipping” in the search results and then don’t get it?


What happens is that we calculate your shipping possibilities when you arrive at the product detail page. At that time, we look at the address you have saved in My Data and if the distance to your seller is very large, instead of free shipping, you will have discounts on both the normal and express methods.

Buyer Registration

Go to the “log in/Sign up” section and register as a new buyer account.

Terms For Vendors


The seller MUST provide a local address per each country for returning packages, otherwise, they will be destructed.

Once your product has been shipped to the buyer, there might be reasons for which the package will need to be returned to your local address: because the product is different to what the buyer bought, it is defective or the package could not be delivered, among others. Therefore, it is very important you acknowledge about all cases and learn how they will be resolved.

Terms for Vendor Registration

Valid from: 11/23/2017

The following terms and conditions of use (the “Terms and Conditions”) constitute binding, valid and effective rules between any person (individually, the “User,” and collectively, the “Users”) who, by accepting the Terms and Conditions, enters into an agreement through a B2B2C Marketplace Service Adhesion Contract (the “Compralocas Contract”) with Compralocas Ltd, its related companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, parent and/or controlled companies or companies belonging to its economic group (currently or in the future) to which it may assign its contractual position or rights under the Compralocas Contract.

These Terms and Conditions describe the User’s and Compralocas’s rights and liabilities on using the B2B2C marketplace service, the electronic platform through which vendor’s products will be sold, and any related or supplementary product or service offered or to be offered by Compralocas (collectively, the “Service”).

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is required to be registered as a Service User and/or to use the Service. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User represents to have read, understood and accepted all the conditions set forth in this document and in other policies and principles incorporated by reference hereto, which may be accessed through the URLs included in these Terms and Conditions. 

If you do not accept these general terms and conditions, which are binding and compulsory, you should refrain from using the site and/or the services.

  1. a) Registration. Any User wishing to use the Service should register in Compralocas and accept these General Conditions. To register, the User will need to fill out all fields of the registration form with valid data and true, accurate and precise personal information (“Personal Data”).Exceptionally and at its sole discretion, Compralocas may provide certain Services to persons not registered in Compralocas. The User will update its Personal Data as may be deemed necessary. Compralocas will NOT be liable for the accuracy and truth of the Personal Data provided by its Users or for their failure to update them. 

In all cases, Users guarantee and will be held liable for the truthfulness, accuracy, integrity, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data provided. All the information and Personal Data furnished by the User will be deemed a sworn statement.

Compralocas reserves its right to request evidence and/or additional information in order to verify the Personal Data provided by a User, as well as to temporarily or definitively suspend Users whose information cannot be verified.

Compralocas reserves its right to reject a registration request or to temporarily or definitively cancel or suspend an Account (as defined below) if it finds inconsistencies or discrepancies in the information provided by a User or discovers suspicious activities, without such decision entitling the User to any claim for compensation or redress.

  1. b) Compralocas Account. Upon registering in Compralocas´s website (www.compralocas.com), the User will open an account with Compralocas (the “Compralocas Account” or the “Account”). The Compralocas Account will enable the User to make or receive payments from the sale of goods by debiting or crediting money in the Account.


The User will access its Compralocas Account by entering its e-mail address (“e-mail”) and personal security code (“Passcode”). 

The User undertakes to keep its Passcode confidential. Therefore, the User will be solely and exclusively liable for all transactions conducted in its Account. The User undertakes to immediately notify Compralocas through proper and reliable means of any non-authorized use of its Account, as well as of any actual or attempted entry into the Account by non-authorized third parties.

Compralocas will allow for the opening of three (3) different types of Accounts: (i) Buyer Accounts, available by default for any person registering on Compralocas, provided all applicable requirements are met; and (ii) Merchant/Supplier Accounts, which may only be obtained upon certain validations Compralocas may deem convenient. (iii) Affiliate Accounts, which may only be used for promoting Compralocas’s services to the general public. See Requirements 

It is hereby stated that, irrespective of its type, the Account will at all times be a personal, single and non-transferrable account, and it will be assigned to a single User; furthermore, the sale, assignment or transfer of an Account (including its reputation) is strictly prohibited. The User may not permit or authorize the use of its Account by third parties, except in the case of linked accounts (see the Terms and Conditions for Linked Accounts). The Account will be identified with letters and any reference to amounts in Compralocas will be deemed made in the legal tender of the Costa Rica court, unless a different currency is expressly stated.


The User understands and accepts that Compralocas may cancel its Professional Account if the User fails to meet any of the imposed requirements.

  1. a) Payment Processing Agreement. The User and Compralocas (together, the “Parties”) may from time to time enter into payment processing agreements (each, individually, a “Payment Processing Request”) whereby Compralocas will provide payment processing services based on the User’s instructions (the “Payment Processing Services”) for the payment or collection of money on behalf of the User using the platform provided by Compralocas at www.compralocas.com or www.compralocas.com (the “Platform” or the “Site”) 

The Parties agree that completed Payment Processing Requests will be governed by these General Conditions (together with the conditions specific to each Payment Processing Request, the “Payment Processing Service Terms and Conditions”).


  1. b) Irrevocable Payment and Collection Powers. Upon completing a Payment Processing Request, the User grants Compralocas irrevocable powers so that Compralocas may: (i) pay, on the User’s behalf, a certain amount of money under the completed Payment Management Request (the “Funds”), and/or (ii) collect the Funds on its behalf, subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The power of attorney granted by the User constitutes an authorization to dispose on its behalf of certain Funds of its Compralocas Account and to transfer them to a certain recipient by crediting them in a Compralocas Account designated according to its instructions as set forth in the Payment Management Request. Furthermore, the power of attorney involves an authorization by the User to receive, collect and credit the Funds in its Compralocas Account according to the instructions given in the Payment Management Request. Compralocas will not use the User’s Funds for any purposes other than those specifically instructed by the User.

  1. c) Making a Payment Processing Request. The Payment Processing Request will be made by the User by sending a Payment Processing Request online form setting out instructions regarding the Funds. Compralocas reserves its right to refrain from processing Payment Processing Requests which are incomplete, or if there are inconsistencies between the data provided by the Users and those specifically entered in Compralocas, or in case Compralocas deems it convenient, without having to justify such decision. The User will be exclusively liable for payment instructions and their consequences. Compralocas will not verify the cause or the obligation giving rise to the payment instruction, nor any other circumstances regarding the payment instruction. 


  1. d) Validity of the Request. The Payment Processing Request will not be deemed to have been validly made and Compralocas will not take on any obligation or responsibility whatsoever under the Request until Compralocas: (i) has accepted the User’s Payment Processing Request (it is expressly stated that Compralocas may refrain from accepting the Payment Processing Request without stating any reason and without incurring any liability), and (ii) has received the whole amount of freely-disposable Funds. 


  1. e) Liability for the Request. Compralocas will not be liable for any wrong or incomplete orders, instructions, Payment Processing Requests and/or payments resulting from the User’s provision of an incorrect e-mail address or inaccurate information on the recipient or on the payment transaction.


  1. f) Compralocas’s Liability for Payment Instructions. Compralocas will not be liable for or guarantee the performance of the obligations assumed by Users with third parties regarding the payments to be made or received through the Platform. The User acknowledges and accepts that all transactions conducted with other Users or third parties are made out of its free will, with its full consent and at its sole risk and liability. Compralocas will under no circumstances be deemed liable for any direct damage, lost profits or for any other damage and/or loss the User may have sustained as a result of transactions made or not made through Compralocas’s Platform. Since Compralocas is not a party to the obligation giving rise to the Payment Processing Request, it will not be held liable for, nor will it verify, the causes, amount or any other circumstances regarding the Request, or the existence, quality, quantity, working condition, status, integrity or legitimacy of the goods or services offered, acquired or sold by Users and paid for using Compralocas, nor the Users’ contracting capacity and the truthfulness of the personal data provided by them. Should one or more Users or a third party bring any kind of claim or legal action against another Users or Compralocas, each and every User involved in such claims or actions shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Compralocas and its directors, managers, employees, agents, operators, representatives and attorneys-in-fact (collectively, the “Compralocas Indemnitees”) against all losses directly incurred by the Compralocas Indemnitees in connection with such claim. 

Users will have a 60-day term from the date of purchase to file a complaint against one or more Users. Upon lapse of such term, Users will not be able to file a complaint on the Compralocas site.

  1. a) Delivery of Funds by the User. Once Compralocas has accepted a User’s Payment Processing Request, the User will have to send to Compralocas the amount of money necessary to meet the payment instruction. The User will deliver the Funds to Compralocas through the use of: (i) any of the means available to that effect and authorized by Compralocas; or (ii) the Funds available in its Compralocas Account, provided they are sufficient to meet all the instructions given in the Payment Processing Request; otherwise, the Request will not be processed.

Funds will be credited in the User’s Compralocas Account within four (4) business days from the date on which Compralocas receives the authorization of the method of payment used in the transaction. Find out about the Payment Methods with Which You Can Operate.

Compralocas will use all reasonable efforts to guarantee that the above term is met. However, the User understands that, due to certain factors, most of them beyond Compralocas’s control, there may be delays and, consequently, the User releases Compralocas from all liability for any resulting damage or inconvenience, except for Compralocas´s fraud or gross negligence.

Compralocas will deposit in the User’s Account the amount actually credited through the method of payment used, independently of the amount declared by the User where the method of payment used allows for the declaration of an amount of money different from that actually deposited.

In his or her Compralocas Account, the User may only receive payments or money through the tools enabled in the Platform. If Compralocas considers that a User may be irregularly using the mechanisms to add Funds, including but not limited to the publication or printing of the deposit slip to be used by Users not holding the Compralocas Account, Compralocas may apply the provisions set forth in Section 6(m) of these General Conditions.

The User undertakes not to apply any additional charge for accepting payments or receiving funds through the Platform.


  1. b) Fund Availability. Funds credited into a User’s Account will be available within the twenty-first (21) day following the purchase date.


The User may keep the Funds in its Account for no more than 30 (thirty) days from the date on whichthey were credited (the “Fund Availability Term”). Upon conclusion of this term, if the User so requests, Compralocas will transfer any balance in the Compralocas Account to the bank account previously registered by the User or issue a payment order in the name of the User addressed to any such bank as the User may choose.


In the event the bank account does not exist, is closed, non-operative or the like, and the User has not instructed Compralocas to issue a payment order in its name addressed to a specific bank, Compralocas: (i) may issue such payment order addressed to a bank Compralocas chooses, and (ii) will notify the User of the Fund availability through an e-mail sent to the e-mail address informed at the time of the User registration.


If the User making the payment informs that the transaction conducted through the Compralocas Platform was not completed, a claim will automatically be made under the Conflict Resolution mechanism specified in these General Conditions, and the Funds will be withheld by Compralocas. If the claim is settled in favor of the Seller, the Funds will be available (i) within the twenty-first (21) day following the purchase date, or (ii) at the date of resolution of said claim, when said date is later than the twenty-first (21) day following the purchase date.


Furthermore, for safety reasons, any Funds credited to the User’s Account and/or in the process of being credited (regardless of the method of payment used in the transaction) may remain unavailable for an indefinite period of time when, at Compralocas’s sole discretion, there is strong suspicion of illegality, fraud, excessive transactions or fraudulent transactions, and/or excessive requests for returns and/or chargebacks, or any other act contrary to these General Conditions, and/or a suspected violation of statutory provisions for which Compralocas may be held liable.

The User will be responsible for the payment of any fine, fee, penalty, damage, cost, or claim, that is applied to Compralocas by acquiring companies and/or credit brands, as a result of excessive levels of related chargebacks with the transactions made by the User.


Any information on available and credited Funds in a Compralocas Account will always be verified by the User through the Platform at www.compralocas.com with the User’s e-mail address and personal security code.

Compralocas and its related companies will not be liable for User conduct arising from or related to information contained in false e-mails or e-mails which appear to have been sent by Compralocas but which were actually sent by third parties unrelated to Compralocas or its related companies. In addition, Compralocas and its related companies will not be held accountable for any damage arising from any such conduct, or for the circulation of such false e-mails.

  1. c) Instructions regarding Funds. Compralocas will follow the instructions given by the User to: (i) make payment with or send the Funds held in its Account or deposited to that effect; or (ii) credit and/or receive the Funds in its Account. Upon registering on Compralocas and keeping an active Account, the User agrees to, accepts and authorizes the receipt of Funds sent by other Users to its Account and the debiting of any applicable charge.
  2. d) Withdrawals. Once the Funds credited in the User’s Account are available, the User may choose to: (i) withdraw all or part of the balance available in its Account; or (ii) keep the Funds for later use within the limit stated in Section 3 b). The User acknowledges and accepts that (a) all fund withdrawals will be subject to the prior payment of any debt owed by the User to Compralocas for whatever cause.


Withdrawals of Funds will be made by transfer to a bank account indicated in a timely manner by the User, or through a payment order in the name of the User, addressed to a bank of their choice. This transfer may take 3 business days after the withdrawal request is made or the Period of Availability of Funds has ended. Due to delays originated by the bank, Compralocas’s email (e-mail) confirming that the money is credited can reach the 4th business day since the withdrawal request was made. Any expense originated by the transfer or the payment order will be the responsibility of the User.

The withdrawal of Funds will be made via bank transfer to the bank account timely indicated by the User, or through a payment order issued in the name of the User addressed to the bank it chooses. This transfer may take 3 business days after the withdrawal request is made or the Period of Availability of Funds has ended. Due to delays originated by the bank, Compralocas’s email (e-mail) confirming that the money is credited can reach the 4th business day since the withdrawal request was made. Any expense originated by the transfer or the payment order will be the responsibility of the User.

For safety reasons, Compralocas may block the withdrawal of Funds requested by Users against whom a high percentage of claims have been recently filed through the Claims and Disputes system regulated in Section 6(r) hereof, and/or where it has been found that the requesting Users used the Services to commit fraudulent or unlawful acts and/or violations of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


  1. e) Compralocas will determine a maximum amount for Payment Management Requests, which may vary according to the selected payment method, the type of Payment Management Request and/or any other criteria Compralocas may set in the future; said amount may be modified at any time pursuant to Section 6(k) hereof.  


  1. f) Transactions between Users. Any User who receives Funds as payment for the sale of goods by another User (the “Recipient User”) will send the goods only to the person who has purchased and paid for them (the “Sender User”) after checking in its Compralocas Account that the Funds are duly credited. 


Any Recipient User who sends goods without checking in its Compralocas Account that the Funds paid by the Sender User are credited will bear the entire risk of not being paid for the goods, releasing Compralocas and its related companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, parent and/or controlled companies and companies belonging to its economic group (currently or in the future) from any liability in this regard. 


You can check your available funds on statement.


If the Sender User does not receive the goods after it has deposited the Funds into the Recipient User’s Account, the Sender User may file a claim through the Buyer Protection Program, within twenty-one (21) days after payment was credited.Both the Sender User and the Recipient User must access Compralocas’s Platform with their e-mail addresses and personal password to verify that Funds have actually been transferred from and/or credited in their respective Compralocas Accounts, not been enough the information received through emails to have them verified.


Where Compralocas considers that the Recipient User has failed to deliver to the Sender User goods that have already been paid for by the latter through the platform, Compralocas may automatically file a claim under the Claims and Disputes Resolution mechanism set forth in these General Conditions, and the Funds will be withheld by Compralocas until the claim has been settled.


Compralocas and its related companies will not be liable for User conduct arising from or related to information in false e-mails or which appear to have been sent by Compralocasthat are actually sent by third parties unrelated to Compralocas or its related companies. In addition, Compralocas and its related companies will not be held accountable for any damage arising from such conduct or the circulation of such false e-mails. 

  1. g) Reversals, chargebacks, repudiation of charges by any means of payment. Notwithstanding the provisions contained in this Section, if a Recipient User has withdrawn Funds and the person sending those Funds, or the owner of the method of payment used, cancels, annuls, makes a chargeback on, repudiates, or reverses the sums involved in the transaction after sending the money, whatever the method of payment used to pay the funds, those sums will be deducted and debited from the Recipient User’s Account. Therefore, the Recipient User expressly authorizes Compralocas to debit Funds from its Account as may be required to cover any such annulment, chargeback, repudiation, or reversal, or to debit these sums from any future income if there are not enough funds in the Account; For the purposes of challenging the return of Funds, any evidence provided by the Recipient User in this respect to Compralocas to support its challenge will be important, but this will not entail that the Funds will be credited back or that Compralocas undertakes to object the funds’ return, even where the User has effectively furnished evidence. In the event of an annulment, chargeback, repudiation, or reversal, the Recipient User may be liable to Compralocas for the relevant sum plus any other applicable cost or expense. Compralocas may commence any court or out-of-court proceedings it may deem appropriate in order to be paid the amount at issue. The Recipient User undertakes to keep the supporting documents of the sale of goods or products made through Compralocas, including any documentation proving the shipping or delivery of the relevant goods or products, for no less than one year from the date of receipt of the Funds.Regarding this section, please refer to the Seller Protection Program (SPP).


  1. h) Liability for the Funds. Compralocas will keep the Compralocas Accounts’ Funds in a bank account held in its name (“Collection Account”) and will use different money transfer agents. Compralocas will not be liable upon the insolvency of the Bank, the financial entity or agent used for the transfer of Funds or for any legal or regulatory change that may affect the account in which the Funds are deposited by Compralocas. In such case, the User will deliver to Compralocas all additional amounts necessary for Compralocas to exercise its delegated powers.

Users do hereby release Compralocas from all liability for events which may affect the banking or financial entities and/or agents where the Accounts’ Funds are deposited, as well as from liability related to political and economic situations that could unfold in the country and which are alien to Compralocas. In such cases, Users will not be able to attribute any liability to Compralocas, its subsidiaries or affiliates, controlling and/or controlled companies, or to demand the reimbursement of money or the payment of lost profits, as a result of any damage caused by that kind of situations, nor will Users be able to hold them liable for payment orders rejected or unprocessed by the system, or for suspended or cancelled accounts.

Users acknowledge that Compralocas will deposit the funds provided under the Payment Processing Requests in the bank account(s) previously mentioned. Therefore, upon the occurrence of any of the events described in the previous paragraph, Compralocas will not be bound to follow the User’s instructions if there are different fund rescheduling, exchange, disposition, conversion or return options. In those cases, Compralocas may choose the option which, at its sole discretion, is the most convenient, including the option it deems more appropriate to quickly, easily and orderly settle the funds deposited in the Bank even if that implies a reduction, a deduction, or a time extension in connection with the amounts deposited.

This section applies specifically to the use of the shopping cart (the “Shopping Cart”) and the payment button (the “Buy Now Button”) offered by Compralocas. Hereinafter, the Shopping Cart and the Buy Now Button will be collectively referred to as “Selling Tools.”

  1. a) Requirements. Only Users previously registered and authorized by Compralocas may use any of the Selling Tools; to that effect, Compralocas reserves its right to request additional information or verify Personal Data. Users using the Selling Tools for selling purposes will hereinafter be called “Sellers” and Users using the Selling Tools for purchasing purposes will hereinafter be called “Buyers.”


  1. b) Prohibitions. The use of any of the Selling Tools in any Website (i) which has content on, or allows, permits or performs any activity contrary to legal and administrative provisions, morals and good customs and/or hosts activities or goods whose trading is prohibited by the Compralocas terms and conditions; or (ii) which promotes or offers sex contents with the participation of minors under 18 years of age, or related to pedophilia, pornography, nudism of minors, whether actual or simulated; or (iii) involving minors under 18 years of age in any way, or movies or photographs of minors under 18 years of age taken illegally or without the consent of the persons involved; or (iv) promoting any kind of violence or discrimination, prostitution, money laundering, the trafficking of arms, people or animals, or other illegal activities; and/or (v) offering contents, goods or services breaching any laws in force, especially those governing the protection of intellectual property rights, software piracy, etc., is strictly prohibited. Compralocas may terminate this Agreement and/or temporarily or definitively suspend or cancel an Account, without prior notice, if it finds that the User and/or the Website where a Selling Tool is being used does not comply, whether in whole or in part, with the law or these General Conditions, or if any conduct that is fraudulent or harmful to the image of Compralocas, its shareholders, its controlling or controlled companies, affiliates or subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents and/or users and/or third parties is discovered or suspected. Furthermore, Compralocas reserves its right to file any court or out-of-court action it may deem convenient.


  1. c) Selling Tool Codes. Following the opening of an Account and the authorization to use any of the Selling Tools, the User may post on its Website any of the codes provided by Compralocas to generate the Shopping Cart or the Buy-Now Button with the parameters necessary to direct its users to our Site (the “Codes”). Such Codes may take several forms based on Compralocas’s availability and may not be modified by the User. Compralocas reserves its right to periodically update or modify the content and/or look of the Selling Tools and the URLs the Codes are routed to. Compralocas will not be liable if the Code is modified and this causes damage to a third party.


  1. d) Liability for the Site Where the Selling Tools are Used and the Seller’s business. The Seller will be solely and exclusively responsible for all the contents on its Website. Should one or more Users or any third party bring any kind of court, out-of-court, or administrative claim or action against Compralocas, its shareholders, its controlling or controlled companies, affiliates o subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents and employees, the Seller involved in such claims or actions will release and hold Compralocas, its shareholders, its controlling or controlled companies, affiliates or subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents, representatives and attorneys-in-fact harmless from any liability. Furthermore, both Parties hereby represent that they are independent contractors and they do not have any kind of corporate or commercial relationship beyond that set out herein, and that each of them will hold the other harmless from any claim resulting from their tax, labor or social security obligations. Neither Party will mislead any person concerning its capacity as independent contractor of the other party, nor bind the other party with third parties. The breach of this obligation by a Seller will entitle Compralocas to terminate this agreement at any time by operation of law.
  1. a) Use of trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property rights: Compralocas is the holder and/or licensee of the intellectual property rights available to Users for the use of the Services, including, without limitation, those contained in the Tool Kit that Compralocas will furnish to the Seller for the correct communication of the Compralocas payment Service.

The Seller undertakes to use the Tool Kit contents pursuant to this agreement and Compralocas’s instructions.

In advertising, promoting, and using the Compralocas payment platform and the Selling Tools, the Seller undertakes to only use the logos, banners, and other promotional materials provided by Compralocas.

The Seller will refrain from using banners or logos designed by the Seller and/or third parties, and any other promotional materials using Compralocas’s intellectual property rights without Compralocas’s prior written authorization.

  1. b) Seller’s Homepage: Logo, communication of bank promotions and available methods of payment. The Seller undertakes to communicate and use on its Website’s homepage the trademarks, logos, banners for bank promotions and accepted methods of payment contained in the Tool Kit.
  2. c) Seller’s Website’s Methods of Payment Section: Communication. The Seller undertakes to clearly and unequivocally inform its users in the method of payment selection section that the payment platform on its Website is provided by Compralocas, for which purpose the Seller will use the method of payment selection banner included in the Tool Kit.
  3. d) Compralocas Positioning. If the Seller has more than one method of payment provider, the Seller must post the Compralocas method of payment selection banner in first or second place.
  4. e) Compralocas Integration. The Seller must integrate Compralocas into its Website in compliance with Compralocas’s effective integration policies, which require the Seller to:
  5. Provide the Buyer’s e-mail address at the time the Seller’s Website and Compralocas are connected. To that end, the Seller represents that Seller has the Buyers’ authorization.
  6. Implement the latest Compralocas checkout version.

iii. Include the Seller’s logo and the product price in the Compralocas checkout.

  1. f) Use of Sellers’ trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property rights. The Sellers authorize Compralocas to perpetually use, without charge, their trade name, trademarks, logos, symbols, emblems, colors, and/or designs sent to a Compralocas commercial representative (the “Seller’s Trademarks”) in promotional actions, advertising, and/or communications related to the Compralocas service. Therefore, the authorization will only be valid upon sending such e-mail to Compralocas. This authorization enables Compralocas to show, reproduce, disseminate, and/or publish the Seller’s Trademark through any media and on any platform, particularly including, without limitation, Compralocas’s Platform and Site and e-mails sent to users of Compralocas and/or of the Compralocas’s Platform.
  1. a) Capacity. Only persons with legal capacity to enter into contracts and duly registered as Compralocas Users may submit Payment Processing Requests. Minors, persons without legal capacity to enter into contracts or Users temporarily or definitively suspended or disqualified from Compralocas’s system may not register nor use the services.


  1. b) User’s Representations. Forbidden Uses. The User hereby represents that the purpose for which the Payment Processing Request is made does not violate any applicable law and that it is not meant for a service, sale or transfer prohibited by law or these General Conditions, including but not limited to: (i) gambling, bets, etc.; (ii) the trafficking of arms, persons, animals, etc.; (iii) money laundering and/or terrorist activities; (iv) pornography, prostitution or pedophilia; and/or (v) any activity which may be considered or suspected to be fraudulent or illegal.

The User may not use Compralocas’s services to transfer material constituting a crime, or which may directly or indirectly give rise to civil liability or breach Compralocas’s General Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore, using Compralocas to perform any transaction for a User’s own benefit and/or between two or more Users which may be considered or understood as a loan or cash advance, or for the deposit of Funds without a specific purpose or without a purpose related to a business transaction, is strictly prohibited. Compralocas will consider, without limitation, that a cash advance is any transaction where Compralocas finds that a User credits Funds into its Account and later withdraws such Funds; it also includes any situation where a User makes a Payment Processing Request in favor of another User, who later makes a new Payment Processing Request to the order of the former User, who ultimately requests the withdrawal of Funds.

Should Compralocas suspect or find hints of the use of Compralocas to carry out any activity prohibited by law or by Compralocas’s General Terms and Conditions, Compralocas may reject, cancel or suspend any Payment Processing Request, and/or temporarily block access to and the use of an Account and/or the use or availability of functionalities, and/or definitively cancel an Account. In such case, the User will be held liable for any damage to Compralocas, its controlling and controlled companies, affiliates or subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents, and/or employees, for which purpose Compralocas reserves its right to institute any court or out-of-court action it may deem convenient.

The User will be exclusively and unlimitedly liable for any damage Compralocas or the other Users of the Compralocas’s services may have sustained as a result of the User’s conduct.


  1. c) Use of the Service in User’s Name. Users may only use the Services in their own name and not on behalf of third parties. The User will not resell the Services to third parties.


  1. d) Compralocas is not part of the Costa Rican Financial System. It is expressly stated that Compralocas is not a bank, a financial institution, a company providing electronic money or a fund transfer company supervised by the Costa Rican Superintendency of Banks, Insurance Companies and Pension Fund Management Entities (Superintendencia de Banca, Seguros y AFPs). Neither does Compralocas provide any banking or exchange service to Users. Compralocas only provides services concerning payment management on behalf of the Users, as per these General Terms and Conditions of Use. 


  1. e) Interest. The Funds credited in a Compralocas Account do not bear interest and the User may freely dispose of such Funds to perform the transactions described herein once they are credited in its account, within the time terms, and pursuant to the mechanisms and rules, set by Compralocas.


  1. f) Payments in Foreign Currency. All payments will need to be made in the Colombia’s legal tender. The exchange rate applicable to convert U.S. dollars into Soles will be the selling exchange rate published at the closing of the previous day on the website of  Superintendencia de Banca, Seguros y AFP (www.sbs.gob.pe). 


  1. g) Payment Processing Service Fee. The User agrees to pay Compralocas a Payment Processing Service fee (“Fee”) every time it receives Funds in its Account. Fee Details. Therefore, the User authorizes Compralocas to discount and withhold the Fee or any other amount due from the Funds available in its Account. Furthermore, the User authorizes Compralocas to discount and withhold from the Funds available in its Account any amount owed to related companies with which Compralocas has any kind of business agreement in that respect.

The Fee will not be applicable when the Services are used to make payments related to operations carried out through Compralocas (URL www.compralocas.com).


  1. h) Personal Data Security and Confidentiality. Compralocas will not sell, rent or negotiate with other companies the Users’ personal data except as and in the cases stated in the Privacy Policies. These data will be used to provide the Payment Processing Service.Users authorize Compralocas to share their Personal Data with the companies related to Compralocas or to such person as Compralocas may have assigned its contractual position or rights under this Compralocas Contract, as well as with value-added service providers integrated within the site or through links to other Internet sites to meet the Users’ needs associated with the Service provided by Compralocas. For more information, please check Compralocas’s Privacy Policies, which will be binding upon the Parties in all matters which are not in conflict with the provisions hereof. Any Personal Data will be transmitted through a secure Internet page that will protect and encrypt the Personal Data. Personal data are stored in servers or magnetic storage devices with high security levels. Compralocas always stores Users’ credit card data in an encrypted fashion and pursuant to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI_DSS).


Compralocas does not store credit card security codes; therefore, it will always request such code from the User for each payment made through the Platform.

Although Compralocas will make its best efforts to protect the security and confidentiality referred to in this section, it will not be liable for any damage resulting from the breach of such measures by third parties who use public networks or the Internet to access such information, or from the User’s own fault or negligence.


  1. i) Service and/or Platform Disclaimer. Compralocas does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to and use of its Site, the Service or the Selling Tools. The system may be temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures in links or the Selling Tools, or for any other reason beyond Compralocas’s control. Users MAY NOT attribute any liability to Compralocas or request any kind of redress for damage resulting from such difficulties or any other kind of damage, including indirect, special or consequential damage sustained by Users, even where such failures affect the amounts to be paid or credited.


  1. j) Limited License. All intellectual and industrial rights over the Site, the Selling Tools, Codes, development, software, hardware, domain, logos, emblems, logotypes, designs, structure, contents, information, etc. are the property of Compralocas and/or its controlling or controlled companies, affiliates or subsidiaries. The User may under no circumstances be deemed to have any kind of right over them other than the rights over the Selling Tools that Compralocas places at Seller’s disposal during the effective term of this Agreement.

Compralocas only authorizes the Seller to use its intellectual property related to the Selling Tools placed at Seller’s disposal to carry out activities under this Agreement in its Website by creating a direct link to Compralocas’s Service. Any other use of Compralocas’s intellectual property is strictly prohibited. As long as the above limitations are observed, Compralocas grants a free, non-exclusive and revocable license to the Seller.

  1. l) Amendments to the Payment Processing Service Terms and Conditions. Compralocas may from time to time modify the Payment Processing Service Terms and Conditions. Compralocas will notify the User of such changes by publishing an updated version of the terms and conditions on the site and indicating the date of the last update. All amended terms will become effective 10 (ten) days after their publication. Within 5 (five) days following the publication of the amended terms, the User will inform via e-mail if it does not accept those amendments, in which case the contractual relationship will be terminated. Once such term has expired, the User will be deemed to have accepted the new terms and the agreement will continue to be binding on both Parties. The amended Payment Processing Service Terms and Conditions will apply to all Payment Processing Requests submitted after notice is given to the User.
  2. l) Assignment. Users may not assign, transfer, delegate or dispose of the rights or obligations arising out of this Compralocas Agreement, whether in whole or in part. Compralocas may assign, transfer, delegate or dispose of the rights or obligations arising out of this Compralocas Agreement, or its contractual position, whether in whole or in part, for which purpose the User hereby gives its prior consent.
  3. m) Termination. Compralocas and the User may terminate this agreement at any time during its effective term without cause, which will lead to the closing the User’s Account, but will not suspend compliance with all Payment Processing Requests which have already been authorized by the User at the time such termination is notified. To exercise this termination right, the party seeking termination must have performed all the obligations undertaken with the other party or any third party involved in the transactions.

Furthermore, if the User breaches the conditions hereof or the applicable laws, Compralocas may terminate Service provision without prior notice, reserving the right to claim damages for any loss resulting from such breach.

  1. n) Documentation. The User expressly accepts that the documentation and information related to the Agreement as may be provided by Compralocas will be, unless otherwise expressly stated, in electronic format. In any case, the User will be able to make copies, including hard copies, of all documentation and information provided by Compralocas in connection with the Agreement. The User irrevocably authorizes Compralocas and/or any other person designated by Compralocas to record User’s transactions related to the Services provided by Compralocas, and to use those recordings as evidence before any administrative and/or court authorities. The receipts issued by Compralocas will be deemed sufficient evidence of compliance with the instructions and the Payment Processing Request, will replace the need for any other receipt and will be fully enforceable against the User. To that effect, the User and Compralocas agree to give evidentiary value to the receipts issued as a result of the approvals or instructions given by the User within the scope of the applicable laws.
  2. o) Notices. Users expressly accept that all notices made by Compralocas to Users at their registered main e-mail address (special electronic address).


  1. q) Annexes. The following documents are an integral and non-severable part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this agreement, and they may be reviewed on the Site at the link below, or by directly accessing the relevant pages:
  • Buyer Protection Program
  • Compralocas Privacy Policy
  • Seller Protection Program
  • Service Fees
  • Compralocas Terms and Conditions


  1. r) Dispute Resolution. Users agree to submit any controversy to the decision of Compralocas pursuant to the provisions of the Buyer Protection Program (PPP) and the Seller Protection Program (SPP), as the case may be, where applicable. Furthermore, should the PPP and the SPP not apply, Platform Users hereby accept the Claims and Disputes Resolution mechanism established by Compralocas. Users accept that they must abide by Compralocas’s decision whenever the parties to a transaction subject to such mechanism fail to reach an agreement, and waive any claim against Compralocas in connection with such decision. In the resolution of disputes subject to the PPP, the SPP, or the claims resolution mechanism, Compralocas will only decide that funds are to be returned to a User if it has evidence that sufficiently and reasonably justifies such decision, and funds will be returned exclusively to the bank account from which the funds were transferred.

In the event of a claim made within 10 days following the receipt of a product by a Buying User, and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, the Selling User will accept the change or return of the product, and will bear any related expenses, including any shipping costs necessary. Compralocas may debit those expenses using the Compralocas system from the Selling User’s account. If for the purposes of the transaction the Compralocas service has been used, Compralocas may make shipping tags available to the Buying User to effect the return of the product and then deduct the cost of those tags from the Selling User’s Compralocas account, as provided above.


  1. s) Jurisdiction and Applicable Law. This agreement will be governed by the laws in force in Costa Rica. Any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope, or performance will be submitted to the ordinary courts of Costa Rica.

Shipping and fulfillment

Please contact us for more information.

You may use the shipping provider of your choice. Requirements include using a professional shipping service and providing tracking number for each sale.

In order to ensure a good customer experience we demand certain requirements for this method:

Alt for imageAll shipments should be Delivery Duties Paid. We don’t accept any service in which the buyer needs to pay an extra cost on arrival of the package.
Alt for imageAll shipments need to have an associated tracking number. Buyers must have the possibility of knowing where their package is and an estimated time of arrival. You shall provide the tracking number on our platform to the customers.
Alt for imageDelivery times should not be higher than 30 natural days

It will be your responsibility to calculate shipping costs and taxes and include them in your product price. All listings in this scheme will be tagged as “Free Shipping”. In this case the relationship with the carrier will be directly yours. You will need their support to know shipping costs and taxes applicable, and will have the responsibility of complying with their demands and payment flows.

How it works

1)To import your items, you will need to partner with us or a company that can act as an importer of record. It will be up to you to pay the corresponding international shipping and associated import taxes to get your shipment through customs.

2)Once you’ve chosen the suitable partner to work with, you need to select the items you will be sending. To choose the correct ones it is important to consider:
— Items should have high rotation. It doesn’t make sense to store in our warehouse products that are unpopular and will not be sold frequently.
— Applicable import duties and taxes.

3)Applicable regulations that may include certifications or permits to import certain goods.

4)With products and quantities to be sent defined with the corresponding partner they should be informed in Compralocas’s fulfillment interface. Through our platform you will be able to select the items you will be sending, schedule the delivery and print the corresponding labels for us to identify the incoming shipment.

5)International shipment and customs clearance of the goods is seller’s responsibility.

6)Compralocas will receive your shipment, process it and add those items to your stock. From that moment onwards your items will be active and available for sale and each time you receive an order we will take care of the pick, pack and ship of those products.
Alt for image Products arrive considerably faster to your customers. They will count with the same shipping times as the local offer.
Alt for imageIn the case of products over $ 30USD, you will offer free shipping and benefit from a 70% discount on the shipping cost. In other cases, free shipping will be optional, but if you choose to offer it to your customer, you will benefit from a 30% discount on the shipping cost.
Alt for imageWe take care of the last mile delivery. You only need to worry about getting the bulk shipments to our fulfillment centre.

Yes. All suppliers and vendors who have received paid orders from consumers must provide their own electronic invoices to consumers by local law.

Given that Compralocas’s role is a third party connecting the buyers and the sellers, the invoice shall still be passed from the vendors to the consumers.

Compralocas is just responsible for the trade information and issuing the commission invoice. The copy that consumers can download from Compralocas platform is a reference slip but not the actual invoice.

At Compralocas we mandate that all vendors must ship the electronic invoices with the deliverables to the consumers.

Fees, Funds Withdraw and Refunds

It is recommended that vendors shall ship out the orders immediately or within one business day after the order is paid.

Listing your products in Compralocas is free. Then, every time you receive an order, you’ll
be charged a percentage of the product value.

The applicable fees are:

Costa Rica -> 10%+$0.3USD per transaction

Also, if you are selling with free shipping, you will be paying for a percentage of the shipping cost.

You will receive an international wire transfer in USD every 3 weeks to the bank account you set
up in the registration process. Each transfer will include all orders that have already been delivered up to 7 days before it is generated.

The minimum amount to be transferred is $450USD, with $15USD service commission on local merchants charged by Compralocas ($30USD for international merchants).

  • To withdraw your earned funds, the minimum withdrawal is $450USD, with $15USD commission being charged by Compralocas for local merchants and $30USD commission for international merchants.
  • If Paypal is used for fund withdrawal, Compralocas will charge $15 USD per transaction for local merchants ($30USD for international merchants).
  • Merchants are responsible for any fees incur by 3rd party money transfer companies.

Vendors must wait a minimum of 7 days to be sure that consumers are satisfied with the services and delivery. If no complaints or request for refunds are filed, Compralocas will initialize payment starting from the 8th working day to the 15th working day after the products are received by the consumers.

Although we strive to protect the benefits of both vendors and consumers, we are urging all vendors to fulfill the expectations of your consumers with professionalism, great service manners and quality.

Sales and Collection

Did you have your first sale? Here are some tips to keep in mind if you have already received an offer in your publication. Pay attention if it behaves strangely.

Be aware if:

  • He is in a hurry or asks you to send him the product before paying you.
  • He wants to take any product if you no longer have stock of the one he bought.
  • You change your address or shipping method.
  • He doesn’t give you a phone number where you can contact him.
  • The information he gave you does not match the information he has on the site.

Take the initiative

If a few days go by and he doesn’t contact you, you call him to get the sale on track.

Collect with E-Wallet

This is the safest way to get paid. 

We will also send you an email to inform you that you made a sale and that means your money is credited. Check carefully that the e-mails you receive end up in @compralocas.com to make sure it is an official notice. We will not use any phone to confirm payments or data.


The money will be in your account but, you will be able to use it when these terms are fulfilled:

  •         If you use Compralocas Shipping, have a reputation as a seller and the product is new, you will have your money available 7 days after the product is delivered.
  •         If you use Compralocas Shipping and you do not have a reputation as a seller or the product is used, you will have your money available 3 weeks after having delivered the product. Check your reputation.

        If you ship on your own you will be able to use the money 3 weeks after the buyer receives the product, no need for him to confirm it! However, if you let us know that everything is OK, you will get your money immediately.

Creating discounts will allow you to appear in the Offers section. Only the best get a place, so offer the best you can. 


Which publications can offer discounts?


Most publications can offer discounts.


How long can my discount last?


You can put up for up to 7 days of validity. When you want to remove it, you can do it from the Discount list.


What happens if I modify my publication?


    • If you lower the price of your publication, we will maintain the initial price-discount relationship. For example, if your publication was initially $ 1,000 and had 20%, when you lower the price to $ 750 the discount will be 25% on the new price.
    • If you raise the price of your publication you will stop offering the discount and if it then meets the requirements again, you will be able to offer it again.
    • If you pause your publication you will also stop offering the discount. If you make any other changes, the discount will remain the same.

You can withdraw the money for a fee to Paypal or a third party money transfer platform. From Paypal, money can then be transferred to a bank account.

You will have the money in the bank 1 to 5 business day after making the withdrawal.

Stay calm, we are going to help you.


The first thing you can do is check the date you asked for the withdrawal, keep in mind that it takes up to 7 working days to be credited.




If the credit period has passed, search your statement by date or by the exact amount. You can also search by the withdrawal code that we sent you in the confirmation e-mail, and you will find it for sure!


IIn case there is an error or some of the transfer data is incorrect, the bank rejects the credit of the money, we return the full amount to your E-Wallet account and send you an e-mail telling you the reason.


If you still can’t see it, tell us what the withdrawal is and we’ll see in more detail what happened.

When you pack your product, make sure you respect the 3 maximum measurements allowed so that the collection will accept it when you ship it:


  • You can measure up to 330 cm adding the three dimensions (height, length x 2 and width x 2). We take as “length” the largest measure.
  • No side can be longer than 120 cm.
  • It can have up to 68 kg of real weight.

The package is the first contact the buyer has with your product, and in this case, first impressions count – leaving nothing to chance is the best way to ensure happy buyers! 


Packaging is a fundamental part of the shopping experience. Take into account these five factors to become an expert, and leave your mark from the minute zero.



The first step is to have all the necessary materials available. If, instead of solving each wrapping at the bullfight and with what is at hand when the sale is made, you plan to buy the bags, boxes, tape and other necessary utensils beforehand, the results will be neater and the dispatches faster: a key factor for your reputation. By being proactive, you not only save time, but you can also save money, by buying in quantity, either in a trash can or from one of the many suppliers within Compralocas.



Your packages are going to travel many miles, so it is essential that the material left outside is resistant. Avoid wrapping the products in paper, because it is very likely that they will not resist the trip: plastic bags designed for e-commerce or stretch film are better options. You can buy bags from us. Official Store of Compralocas.


If you opt for a box, make sure it is strong enough to support the weight of what is inside and always close it with packing tape (painter’s tape or tweezers do not count as safe options in this case).


Keep in mind that the products move around a lot inside the box: to avoid knocks (especially if it is fragile!), fill in the gaps with a filler, such as paper or bubble wrap. If what you are shipping is a liquid, then always wrap the package with an insulating material, to avoid leaks.


The package is the first contact the buyer has with our product, and first impressions count. It is not merely an aesthetic issue: the presentation adds to the brand image and, above all, to the perception of quality. If they are good, this has a direct impact on the repurchase rate. That’s why it pays to give the packaging an extra helping hand. Searching for references or ideas on the Internet on how to present products in a pleasant way always adds value. It is not a question of investing a lot of money: simple resources such as a nice package, a label with a logo or an original detail are enough to give you a differential.


A not insignificant item when assembling packaging is to take into consideration the impact it will have on the environment. Gestures as simple as choosing recyclable and biodegradable materials (replacing polystyrene with recycled paper buns, for example) and taking care that the dimensions of the packaging are proportional to the size of what we are shipping (to avoid inefficient use of materials), make a big difference.


The label is key in the logistic process of dispatch: it has all the information about the recipient, and it is the tool that allows to follow the route of the package.


It prints the labels as you see them when they are downloaded, without modifying the size. Make sure that the print is clear and that it is attached without wrinkles: this way, there will be no problems in scanning the barcode.


If you have a lot of sales, a thermal printer can be a good investment: it prints at high speed, directly on a roll of self-adhesive paper. More practical, impossible!

If you already have the thermal printer, you can configure it in your Free Market account, from the Market Shipment menu, within Sales. There, two types of files will be created: a .txt file for each label, to be sent to print directly, and a second file with a detailed summary of the tracking numbers and description of the products.

Product Listing

For each listing you will need to specify:

Product identifier: A global identification number such as a UPC, EAN, or ISBN number
Product title: A concise description of the product
Product description: The product description provides detailed information about the product.

Product images: Click here for requirement

Product price:

Having good photos is key to make your product look good and have a quality publication.

Know the best tips to meet the goal, and get a better place in the listings.

If you have publications with photos to review, correct them as soon as possible so you don’t lose exposure!

Pure white background only

  • Your first photo should have a pure white background digitally created with an image editor. Make your product look great!
  • Photos taken in front of a wall, or in front of a white sheet could cause your publication to lose exposure.
  • Your first photo cannot show the product inside the package.

Don’t know how to edit your photos? There are several tools to do so on the Internet, for example Remove.bg, which allows you to create a pure white background in a few steps.

Don’t add extras to your images

Let nothing distract you from your product! Please note not to add:

  • Logos or watermarks.
  • Borders or banners.
  • QR codes.
  • Texts.

Do not include conditions of sale

  • Do not use promotional banners. If you have something else to say about your product, add it to the description.
  • If you need to say something about the shipping conditions, add it in the description.

Make sure they are not blurry

  • Make sure your photos are in focus and well lit. Not too bright, not too dark: make sure the product details look good.
  • To show off your product more, we recommend that your photos have 1200 x 1200 px so that your buyers can zoom in.

When you publish, we will ask that your images have at least 500 px on one side.

Shows only one model per photo

  • Use only photos of the product you are publishing and do not show several together.
  • If you want to offer other colors or models in your publication, you will have to create variants.

Only use photos that you have taken yourself

  • If you use photos from the Internet, make sure they are free to use and do not infringe on copyright. If you do, we may be able to pause your publication.
  • Be sure to avoid any claims by taking pictures of the exact product you offer.
  • Show it from different angles so that your buyers see exactly what you offer and so that brand owners can corroborate that you offer original products.

In the following photos

From the second image of your publication, you can show your product from different angles. Keep these general tips in mind for the rest of your images:

  • Show your product in context. Do it only from the second image. If you need to show its dimensions, make sure you complete the technical sheet.
  • Use the variants to upload the size and color of your product. This way, your buyers will also be able to find your publication using the search filters.
  • Do not include contact information. Keep in mind not to include data such as e-mails, telephone numbers, links to social networks in any of your images to avoid penalties.
  • Do not use images downloaded from the Internet. If you do, you may infringe copyright and we may pause your post. Only upload photos of your products that you have taken yourself.
  • Keep in mind the minimum size – make sure your photos are not blurry! They must be at least 500 pixels on one side. We recommend 1200 x 1200, so they can be zoomed. Remember that this point applies to all your images.
  • Show your product packaging. You can do this only from the second image.

The title is the key for buyers to find your product. That’s why it should be as explicit as possible.

Remember that you can make all the changes you need from the publication detail while you don’t have any sales.

  • Generate the title with Product + Brand + product model + some specifications that help identify the product.
    • Indicate the real brand of your product to avoid intellectual property violations and claims from your buyers.
    • If your product is generic or has no brand, always clarify that it is “compatible with” other brands.
    • Do not imply that your product is a different brand from the real one or mention brands over which you do not have rights or that do not correspond to your product.
    • Do not use other brands to describe your product or words such as: “simile”, “type”, etc.
    • Please note that these types of violations may result in the suspension or even disabling of your account.
  • Avoid using information from other services in the title, such as returns, free shipping or installment payments, because that information will be seen by your buyers next to the product, without having to enter the publication.
  • If your product is new, used or reconditioned, don’t include it in the title, upload it to the features and we’ll show it in the post detail.
  • If you sell the same product but with different colors, do not put the color in the title. It is better to create variants, so everything will be in one publication.
  • If you only have stock of a certain color, load the color when you publish or in the features section so that your buyers read the complete data sheet, but you can add it in the title since it would be a publication that only sells a variant.
  • If you make a discount we will also indicate it by showing the percentage of the promotion, we also have a special label to draw attention to it. There is no need to add it to the title.
  • Separate the words with spaces, do not use punctuation or symbols.
  • Check for spelling errors.

For example: Notebook HP Dual Core 425 LED 14 320 GB 4 GB Wifi HDMI

Write the important specifications in your data sheet, this way all the relevant information is well organized and easily available for your buyers.

Surely under the title you will find information to complete the technical file of your product. For example, if you sell cell phones, we will ask you to tell us which model it is, and what its internal memory capacity is.

With this information, your publication will be more complete and the buyer will have more information to choose from.

What information should I fill in?

Technical specifications

It is the information that identifies or describes your product, such as brand and model. Your buyers will find it in your publication.

If any of the information we ask you for does not apply to your product, don’t worry, you can indicate it by marking N/A, explain why and it will not affect your exhibition.

Product codes

They are unique codes that serve to identify each product from all the rest. It can be an EAN, ISBN, UPC, it depends on what you sell. You can find it next to the bar code, on the product or on its box.

The details, in the description

If you missed some details that you couldn’t put in the data sheet, the text-only description is the ideal place. Be brief and organize the information in the form of a list, separating it with dashes so that it is easy for the buyer to read.


Now you can upload up to 10 photos per product to show what you are selling, so the buyer can get to know it better.

Check out the tips for taking good photos. Follow our advice and enjoy these benefits.

By organizing information in this way you can benefit from all this:

  • Your descriptions will look good on all devices and download faster.
  • We can use the data to make search filters to find you more easily.
  • You will have better exposure, as completing your data sheet will give you a better place in the listings.

Just as people have a document number, products have a code that identifies them. Completing them will help us to know better what you are selling to give more information to your buyers. Don’t worry! We won’t show it in your publication.

If you sell cell phones, for example, and you tell us the brand, model and its code, we will be able to know exactly what you are selling and soon we will be able to show other specifications such as dimensions, screen size, etc. without you having to complete them.

How do I recognize my product code?

  •         It is numerical
  •         It is between 8 and 14 digits
  •         It can be an EAN, ISBN, UPC, depending on what you sell.
  •         It can be found next to the bar code, on the product box or on its packaging.

If you have any doubts, we recommend you check the manufacturer’s information. You can also download an application that scans barcodes to verify that it is an EAN, UPC, GTIN, ISBN, JAN or other.

What do I do if my product does not have a code?

We recommend that you contact the manufacturer or distributor to verify that your product does not have a code. If they confirm that it comes from the factory without a code, or your product is manufactured, you can indicate that it does not apply (N/A) when you complete your technical form or leave it incomplete.

What is the full code if I offer more than one product in a publication?

If you sell kits or combos, complete the code of the main product. If you offer the same product in different colors, materials, etc., we recommend you to create variants in your publications.

Do you have any doubts? Learn more about the universal code.

If you offer a product in different colors, materials, or other features that do not imply a change in price, include all its variants in the same publication. This is how it works:

  • Buyers will be able to see all the variants you offer in the same publication.
  • You will save time because you won’t receive any unnecessary questions.
  • You will accumulate sales and visits in the same publication.
  • It will help your reputation, because you will know exactly what the buyer wants and you will be able to dispatch them faster.

If you sell headphones, for example, add a variant for the color red, another for the color black, etc. If you sell jams, it could be their orange, peach or strawberry flavors.

How do I create variants?

When you publish…

When you publish some products (such as clothes, shoes, accessories) we will ask you to indicate colors, sizes and quantity for each combination.

Modifying the publication…

You can create variants in the detail of your publication. Along with your product’s features, you will find a menu of actions to Create Variants or “Create Custom Feature” to choose why your product varies. Note that you cannot create them from the mass editor or from the app.

Make your publications more successful and attractive

To achieve this, we recommend you:

  • Upload a photo for each color you publish. Tips for taking good photos.
  • Complete all the information you have about the product. Make a complete description and also tell us the technical specifications.
  • If you also sell outside Compralocas, make sure you update your stock.

For local and international vendors who use our warehouses and fulfillment centres, we will report to you when your products get shipped to you clients. If you use your own shipping resources, you are expected to inform your customers and us of the arrival day through Compralocas vendor control panel.

We strongly recommend all products be delivered immediately upon receiving a paid order from the consumers. Failure to do so will result in blacklisting of your stores or even membership cancellation.

If you want to get more hits we recommend you:

  • Use Compralocas Shipping to your product posting.
  • Offer free shipping.
  • Ship your products without delay.
  • Respond on time to your buyers’ questions.
  • Have your descriptions in text format.
  • Complete the technical specifications of your publications.
  • Upload good photos. It gives you more sales opportunities!

Keep in mind that it is also essential that you monitor your reputation and that your publications meet quality objectives.

What are the characteristics of the customized products

First of all you must meet these requirements:

  • It contains parts that were replaced.
  • It has been tested to ensure proper operation.
  • Looks like new.
  • Includes the main accessories.

When assembling your publication…

Make sure you give all the information to the buyer so he or she knows what the product he or she is about to buy will look like.


Select the “reconditioned” option. This way, buyers will be able to find you more easily with the search filters.


It is required that for this type of product you offer 90 days, or more! The longer the period, the more confidence you will give the buyers to choose you.


Use this space to tell all the details. Did you change all their parts or only some of them? Do they have any kind of defect?

Always keep in mind that if your description is incomplete, the buyer might want to return the product and this could affect your reputation.

You can do all this from your publication list. If you have many, we recommend you use the mass editor. 

Add stock

If you publish new products, they will automatically become inactive when you run out of stock. If you want to reactivate your publication, you can do it individually, or massively, from the mass editor.

If, on the other hand, you sell used products, your publications will automatically end when you run out of stock. If you want to reactivate them, you have to create a new post.


Once your products are published, you cannot pause them.


You can delete a post whenever it is inactive. Please note that once deleted, you will not be able to retrieve it.

Republish a product

You can republish without changes or modify the publication before doing so.

If it is inactive, and you want to reactivate it, make sure you do it before 60 days have passed, that way you will keep the sales, visits and questions pending. Keep in mind that if you edit the title we will consider it a new publication, and it will lose the amount of visits and accumulated sales.

Republishing a vehicle, property or service

If you republish within 60 days, you keep the visits.

But in addition, properties can be republished free of charge within 30 days, although without exposure on the home pages.

Learn how to modify your publications and choose the way that best suits your needs.


You have several ways to modify your publications.

If you want to modify one by one, you can do it by entering the detail of each one from your publication list. There you can make changes, see and improve the quality of each publication.

However, if you need to make several modifications, or see many publications at once in table form, we suggest the mass editor. Just filter the publications you want to edit and choose Mass Modify. If you prefer, you can choose to do it offline with an excel spreadsheet by choosing, from the mass editor, Modify in Excel.

If you have already received sales, you can change everything except the category, the title and the condition (new/used).

Inactive publications

If you want to sell the same thing again, choose Reactivate. To sell something similar but not the same, choose Publish similar.

Properties and Vehicles

In the publications of the type ‘Publish it until you sell it’ of properties, you will only be able to change price and telephone. In the vehicle publications you can also change the mileage.

First of all, we do not allow what the law does not allow

If you have doubts about a product, first of all find out if it is legal to sell it. Basically, if the law doesn’t allow it, we don’t either. For example: drugs, prescription drugs, endangered animals and several others. Posting prohibited products is a violation of our policies.

It is very important that you are sure before you post because, in addition to removing posts that do not comply with our policies, each violation is recorded in a history and we can suspend your account.

Intellectual property rights are those that a person or a company has to protect its brands, logos, literary and artistic works, designs, images or inventions, among other creations.

That is why at Compralocas we have rules that prohibit offering counterfeit products or including content in your publication that makes an inappropriate use of trademarks or violates a copyright.

Know what you can do to publish without infringing third party rights.

Always offer original products

  • Please note that we do not allow you to offer forgeries, copies or replicas of other brands’ products.
  • Always keep your purchase invoice. We may ask you for it in case a right holder finds a possible infringement by a counterfeit product.

Avoid misusing trademarks in your publication

    • If your product is generic, but compatible with others of the brand you mention in your publication, clarify it in the title and in your description. You can use expressions like “compatible with the brand…” or “for the brand…” to clarify it. In these cases, also make sure you do not write the name of those brands in the technical specifications. 
    • If your product is generic, include that term in the “Brand” field or the name of your actual brand.
    • Avoid using words like “simile”, “type” or “replica” to refer to trademarks that you do not own.
    • If you sell customized products, make sure you do not include or use logos or trademarks on your products. For example, you may offer printed T-shirts, but you may not post a product that is using a trademark logo, or that could be confused with a trademark product.
    • If you edit the images in your post, make sure you do not use any third party logos or trademarks superimposed on your photos. Doing so may expose your publication to both trademark and copyright infringement.
    • Do not imply that you are an official distributor of a brand without proper authorization.

Create your own content in the publication

In this way, you can protect your publication from copyright infringement.

  • Take your own photos. Please note that if you download photos from the Internet, you may infringe the copyright of others. Learn more image tips.
  • Write the description yourself. If you copy your product description or, for example, synopsis copies of a book into your publication, you may be infringing on copyright.

As part of the Brand Protection Program, rights holders can report publications that they believe are infringing their intellectual property.

Learn about the step-by-step process of filing a report to find out what to do and what to expect at each step of the process.

  1. The rights holder sends the report

When you receive it, we will notify you by e-mail that we have paused your publication and you will see it marked as “Inactive by report” in the list of Publications. Find out the reasons for your complaint.

Make sure you answer on time. If your publication received a report and you do not respond within four days, it will be automatically cancelled.

  1. Send your response

To respond, you can send documentation that proves you are not infringing rights. For example, purchase invoices that prove that the product is original, or authorization from the rights holder to offer their products.

If you received a complaint about the images in your publication, you will also have the option of correcting them and sending them in response to the rights holder.

  1. Rights holder reviews your response

You will have four days to review what you sent and respond.

If you accept the response or do not respond within four days, your post will be reactivated.

If you do not accept the response or do not send your response in time, your post will be permanently removed from the site.

Managing your business

Customers will be expecting a quick and helpful response when they have questions about your products. To keep a good reputation you should have customer service specialists who know the products, the details of shipping methods, delivery times, and that can answer within a 24 hour range to customer inquiries.

Selling internationally also includes handling customer support. It is recommended that you have your own team to assist your customers on the products they have questions about.

Uploading Product

All contents must be in Spanish and no exception. That being said, you can still contact us as we will figure out what we can do to help.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, our experience shows that manually translated content performs much better than automatically translated content (both for search and sales conversion).


Yes, when you upload your products you should take in consideration the following restrictions:

Dimension and weight:
The dimension and weight restrictions according to site and carrier can be seen in the Dimensions Restrictions Document.

Restricted products:
Each country has its own import regulations. You can see all restricted
products here.

Terms For Affiliates

Operating Agreement

Welcome to Compralocas’s website for affiliates (the “affiliates Site”), where you can manage your affiliate marketing relationship with the relevant Compralocas entities (“Compralocas” or “us” or similar terms).

Any person or entity that participates or attempts to participate in our affiliate marketing program (the “affiliate Program” and such person or entity, “you”, or an “Affiliate”) must accept this affiliates Program Operating Agreement (this “Agreement”) without change. By registering for or using the affiliates Site, you agree to this Agreement, which are incorporated by reference (for example, our affiliates Program Participation Requirements, affiliates Program IP License, affiliates Program Commission Income Statement, and affiliates Program Trademark Guidelines.) Please read them carefully.

The affiliates Program permits you to monetize your website, social media user-generated content, or online software application (referred to here as your “Site“), by placing on your Site links to an Compralocas Site. The links must properly use the special “tagged” link formats we provide and comply with this Agreement (“Special Links“)

When our customers click through the Special Links to purchase an item sold or services offered on the Compralocas Site or take other actions, you can receive commission income for qualifying purchases. In order to facilitate your advertisement of these items or services, we may make available to you data, images, text, link formats, widgets, links, marketing content, and other linking tools, application program interfaces, and other information in connection with the affiliates Program (“Program Content“). Program Content specifically excludes any data, images, text, or other information or content relating to product offerings on any site other than the Compralocas Site.

You must comply with this Agreement to participate in the affiliates Program and receive commission income.

You must promptly provide us with any information that we request to verify your compliance with this Agreement.

If you violate this Agreement, or if you violate terms and conditions of any other applicable Compralocas marketing agreement, then, in addition to any other rights or remedies available to us, we reserve the right to permanently (to the extent permitted by applicable law) cease payment of (and you agree you will not be eligible to receive) any and all commission income otherwise payable to you under this Agreement, whether or not directly related to such violation without notice and without prejudice to any right of Compralocas to recover damages in excess of this amount.

Our customers are not, by virtue of your participation in the affiliates Program, your customers. As between you and us, all pricing, terms of sale, rules, policies, and operating procedures concerning customer orders, customer service, and product sales set forth on the Compralocas Site will apply to those customers and may be changed at any time. You will not handle or address any contacts with any of our customers, and, if contacted by any of our customers for a matter relating to interaction with an Compralocas Site, you will state that those customers must follow contact directions on that Compralocas Site to address customer service issues.

You represent, warrant, and covenant that (a) you will participate in the affiliates Program and create, maintain, and operate your Site in accordance with this Agreement, (b) neither your participation in the affiliates Program nor your creation, maintenance, or operation of your Site will violate any applicable laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, orders, licenses, permits, guidelines, codes of practice, industry standards, self-regulatory rules, judgments, decisions, or other requirements of any governmental authority that has jurisdiction over you (including all such rules governing communications, data protection, advertising, and marketing), (c) you are lawfully able to enter into contracts (e.g. you are not a minor or otherwise legally prevented from contracting), (d) you have independently evaluated the desirability of participating in the affiliates Program and are not relying on any representation, guarantee, or statement other than as expressly set forth in this Agreement, (e) you will not participate in the affiliates Program or use any other Service Offerings if you are the subject of “the country of operation” sanctions or of sanctions consistent with “the country of operation” law imposed by the governments of the country where you are using any Service Offering; (f) you will comply with all “the country of operation” export and re-export restrictions, and applicable non-US export and re-export restrictions consistent with “the country of operation” law, that may apply to goods, software, technology and services, and (g) the information you provide in connection with the affiliates Program is accurate and complete at all times. You can update your information by logging into your account on the affiliates Site and selecting “Account Settings”.

We do not make any representation, warranty, or covenant regarding the amount of traffic or commission income you can expect at any time in connection with the affiliates Program, and we will not be liable for any actions you undertake based on your expectations.

You must clearly and prominently state the following, or any substantially similar statement previously allowed under this Agreement, on your Site or any other location where Compralocas may authorize your display or other use of Program Content: “As an Compralocas Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.” Except for this disclosure, and other than as required by applicable law, you will not make any public communication with respect to this Agreement or your participation in the affiliates Program without our advance written permission. You will not misrepresent or embellish our relationship with you (including by expressing or implying that we support, sponsor, or endorse you), or express or imply any affiliation between us and you or any other person or entity except as expressly permitted by this Agreement.

The term of this Agreement will begin upon your registration for or use of the affiliates Site. Either you or we may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause (automatically and without recourse to the courts, if permitted under applicable law), by giving the other party written notice of termination provided that the effective date of such termination will be 7 calendar days from the date notice is provided. You can provide termination notice by logging into your account on the affiliates Site and selecting the option to close your account in “Account Settings”. In addition, we may terminate this Agreement or suspend your account immediately upon written notice to you for any of the following: (a) you are in material breach of this Agreement, (b) you otherwise fail to cure within 7 days of our notice to you regarding any other breach of this Agreement (including any Program Policy); (c) we believe that we may face potential claims or liability in connection with your participation in the affiliates Program; (d) we believe that our brand or reputation may be tarnished by you or in connection with your participation in the affiliates Program; (e) your participation in the affiliates Program has been used for deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activity; (f) we believe that we are or may become subject to tax collection requirements in connection with this Agreement or the activities performed by either party under this Agreement; (g) we have previously terminated this Agreement (or suspended your account) with respect to you or other persons that we determine are affiliated with you or acting in concert with you for any reason, or (h) we have terminated the affiliates Program as we generally make it available to participants. For the avoidance of doubt and without limitation for purposes of the foregoing subsection (a) any violation of Section 5 and as specified in the Program Policies will be deemed a material breach of this Agreement.

We may hold accrued unpaid commission income for a reasonable period of time following termination to ensure that the correct amount is paid (for example, to account for any cancelations or returns).

Upon any termination of this Agreement, all rights and obligations of the parties will be extinguished, including any and all licenses granted in connection with this Agreement, except that the rights and obligations of the parties under Sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11 of this Agreement and as specified in the Program Policies, together with any payable but unpaid payment obligations under this Agreement, will survive the termination of this Agreement. No termination of this Agreement will relieve either party for any liability for any breach of, or liability accruing under, this Agreement prior to termination.




Any dispute relating in any way to the affiliates Program or this Agreement (including any actual or alleged breach hereof), any transactions or activities under this Agreement, or your relationship with us or any of our affiliates will be subject to the governing law and disputes provision for the applicable Compralocas Site.

Any taxes and related obligations relating in any way to the affiliates Program or this Agreement (including any actual or alleged breach hereof), any transactions or activities under this Agreement, or your relationship with us or any of our affiliates will be subject to the tax provision for the applicable Compralocas Site.

We may send you emails relating to the affiliates Program from time to time. In addition we may (a) monitor, record, use, and disclose information about your Site and users of your Site that we obtain in connection with your display of Special Links and Program Content (for example, that a particular Compralocas customer clicked through a Special Link from your Site before buying a product on the Compralocas Site),(b) review, monitor, crawl, and otherwise investigate your Site to verify compliance with this Agreement, and (c) use, reproduce, distribute, and display your logo and implementation of Program Content displayed on your Site as examples of best practices in our educational materials. For information on how we process personal information, please see the relevant Compralocas Privacy Notice.

You acknowledge and agree that (a) we and our affiliates may at any time (directly or indirectly) solicit traffic on terms that may differ from those contained in this Agreement, (b) we and our affiliates may at any time (directly or indirectly) operate sites or applications that are similar to or compete with your Site, (c) our failure to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of our right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement, and (d) any determinations or updates that may be made by us, any actions that may be taken by us, and any approvals that may be given by us under this Agreement can be made, taken, or given in our sole discretion and are only effective if provided in writing by our authorized representative.

You may not assign this Agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, without our express prior written approval. Subject to that restriction, this Agreement will be binding on, inure to the benefit of, and be enforceable against the parties and their respective successors and assigns.

This Agreement incorporates, and you agree to comply with, the most up-to-date version of all policies, appendices, specifications, guidelines, schedules, and other rules referenced in this Agreement and any other policies that apply to tools, subprograms, and features made available to you under the affiliates Program (“Program Policies”), including any updates of the Program Policies from time to time. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and any Program Policy, this Agreement will control. In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and your agreement with an Compralocas affiliate under a separate affiliate marketing program that agreement will control with respect to such separate program. This Agreement (including the Program Policies) is the entire agreement between you and us regarding the affiliates Program and supersedes all prior agreements and discussions.

Whenever used in this Agreement, the terms “include(s)”, “including”, and “for example” are used and intended without limitation.

Any information relating to Compralocas or any of its affiliates that we provide or make accessible to you in connection with the affiliates Program that is not known to the general public or that reasonably should be considered to be confidential is Compralocas’s “Confidential Information” and will remain Compralocas’s exclusive property. You will use Confidential Information only to the extent reasonably necessary for your performance under this Agreement and ensure that all persons or entities who have access to Confidential Information in connection with your account will be made aware of and will comply with the obligations in this provision. You will not disclose Confidential Information to any third party (other than your affiliates bound by confidentiality obligations) and you will take all reasonable measures to protect the Confidential Information against any use or disclosure that is not expressly permitted in this Agreement. This restriction will be in addition to the terms of any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement between the parties and will apply for the term of the Agreement and 5 years after termination.

You and we are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between you and us or our respective affiliates. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on our or our affiliates’ behalf. If you authorize, assist, encourage, or facilitate another person or entity to take any action related to the subject matter of this Agreement, you will be deemed to have taken the action yourself.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, nothing in this Agreement will, or will be interpreted or construed to, induce or require any party hereto to act in any manner (including taking or failing to take any actions in connection with a transaction) which is inconsistent with or penalized under any “the country of operation” laws, regulations, rules or requirements that apply to any party to this Agreement.

We reserve the right to modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement at any time and in our sole discretion by posting a change notice, revised Agreement, or revised Program Policy on the affiliates Site or by sending notice of such modification to you by email to the primary email address then-currently Affiliated with your affiliates account. The effective date of such change will be the date specified, which other than increased Standard Commission Income and Special Commission Income will be no less than two business days from the date the notice is provided. YOUR CONTINUED PARTICIPATION IN THE affiliates PROGRAM FOLLOWING THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF SUCH CHANGE WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE MODIFICATIONS. IF ANY MODIFICATION IS UNACCEPTABLE TO YOU, YOUR ONLY RECOURSE IS TO TERMINATE THIS AGREEMENT. 

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