Compralocas University

Online Courses

Quick Courses for Beginners

Help new sellers quickly grasp all the information they need to open a store in Compralocas!

Introduction to Platform Rules

Basic introduction to using the Compralocas Platform

Operation and Marketing

Tips for vendors on operating and marketing for their stores

Shipping and Storage

Tips to vendors on logistics, custom clearance, warehouses and fulfillment centres in Latin America

Tips for Brand Sellers

Tips for sellers to sell their brands

Sellers Onboarding

Introduction to Compralocas Marketplaces

Understand the basics of each market, select product recommendations, etc.

Seller Registration and Onboarding Process

Seller onboarding process for Compralocas

Turn-Key Solution for Your E-Commerce Business

Compralocas provides a one-stop solution for logistics, payment, and more for new sellers.

Platform Policy

Logistics Policy

Compralocas Logistics Solutions Explained

Platform Policy

Compralocas's various policies explained in detail

Operational Practice

Seller's Center

Helps you understand the Seller Center

Product Management

Individual or batch uploading of products and editing of product information

Marketing Promotion

Secrets to Effectively Increase Store Traffic

Order Management

Hands-on help with managing your store orders

Payment checking

Your store's wallet management manual

Training Collaborations

Certified Training Partners

Introduction to Officially Certified Training Institutes and Courses

Instructor Recruitment

Official Tutor Recruitment Process


Cooperation with colleges or high schools

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